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This Guy Walks Around Town Giving $100 Envelopes to Fast Food Workers, Still on the Loose


A Massachusetts man has tested positive for the Christmas Spirit this holiday season.

Local fast food employees of Barnstable, a town in Massachusetts, received a $100 bill over the last few days from a mysterious man. The man would hand them white envelopes with the words “Merry Christmas” in large red writing. Inside, there was no letter or card, simply just the $100 piece of paper.

Recipients of the money describe the cash as crisp, as if just withdrawn from the bank.

While most good Samaritans pay it forward to a single employee, this guy pretty much covers the entire fast food establishment. Reports say he will enter the store asking to speak with the manager, asks how many workers are employed at the store, and hand over as many $100 envelopes as there are workers.

No word yet on the identity of this mysterious humanitarian. Until then, we’re coining the name C-Note Santa.

h/t The Boston Globe

By Peter Pham

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