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The Best Part of The Sundae Cone is Now Available Bite-Sized

The sundae cone has been a staple dessert in American households for years, but we all know the real intention of eating this confection. Let’s skip over the decent nutty chocolate shell, vanilla ice cream and pretty boring waffle cone parts and move on to what really matters — the chocolate brimming end of the cone full of true joy and happiness.

Thanks to Muddy Bites, the company is fulfilling all of our dreams and wishes by offering the best part of the cone as a bite-sized snack!

You heard me. No ice cream is necessary to enjoy the best bite. Muddy Bites literally takes the perfect component of an ice cream sundae cone, sticks them in bags and ships them directly to you. Need I say more? This stupidly brilliant goodie is available in three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate.

There are multiple ways to appreciate Muddy Bites: Eat them one by one, put them on top of your ice cream (meta), blend them into a milkshake, share them with your bestie is a Tessie — the possibilities are endless. These nibbles are light, crunchy and come with fourteen bites per bag.

I dare you to try to just eat one.