North America Opens its First Cat Café, Coffee and Cuteness Ensues


So, cat cafés are becoming a thing. It all started in Tokyo, where cat cafés have curiously become commonplace. Then a spot opened up in London for cat lovers to break bread with their feline companions. Now it has made its way to North America with a spot called “Le Café des Chats” opening its doors in Montreal.

Eater reported that cat enthusiasts flocked to the café’s grand opening this weekend to drink coffee, eat pastries and spend some quality time surrounded by 12 adopted cats that were brought in by the café. The Montreal café said the cats were vaccinated, insured, neutered and micro-chipped (illuminati shit), as the kitties were allowed to roam free around the restaurant.

As the cat café trend grows around the world, there are actually plans to open some in the United States such as “Kittea” in San Francisco and “The Cat Cafe” in San Diego. There was a pop-up cat cafe in New York last April, but it was only open for a week.

With cat cafés starting to pop up everywhere, crazy cat ladies can fulfill their dreams of drinking tea, opening up a good book and cuddling with a kitty in a public restaurant. And it will all seem normal. Kind of.

PicThx: Eater

By Isai Rocha

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