Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Video

What Happens When Instant Ramen Noodles Are Exposed To Molten Copper [WATCH]

There’s something so fascinating about watching red-hot metal being doused onto food. It could be that if we ever attempted something so dangerous at home, we’d probably burn the place down.

In the latest episode of Tito4re’s molten copper series, the hothead experiments with instant ramen noodles. Y’know, the ones hidden in bulk behind your college dorm beds. Check out what happens when he ladles a generous amount of molten copper onto the packaged noodle soup.

As you can see, unlike his attempt with the McDonald’s Big Mac, the dried noodles were burnt to a crisp almost instantaneously. Check out the video and see the fire a clump of dried noodles can create.

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.

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