M&M’s Darwinism: Why the Blue Ones Are Inferior


I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one to sort my M&Ms into piles according to color (candy segregation is not cool, folks) when I was younger, working backwards from orange to green so I could save my favorite for last. Of course, none of this had any real bearing on the candy. The color of the shell, I have since learned, doesn’t really affect the taste of the M&M. I was just a little OCD.

This kid, however, Facebook user Luke Something, has the right idea. He understands it’s not the color of the shell, but the strength. I eagerly await the day when a superior breed of M&M becomes our chocolate-flavored overlord, even if it is an orange one. Though apparently, it’s probably going to be brown or red. So.


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By Aziza Sullivan

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