Minas Tirith Wedding Cake Because You Can’t Stop Nerd Love

Do you love LOTR, but find the Eye of Sauron wedding cake a bit dark for your tastes? Check out The Cake Geek’s beautiful edible rendition of Minas Tirith. Florida-based owner Audrey Konyha Vigh bakes all of her highly detailed cakes from her home; her dream is to someday have a small bakery outside of her house. The full transformation of the cake from start to finish can be viewed on her facebook page. This is a lovely alternative for geeky LOTR-lovers who are not itching to tie the knot with a bite of pure evil.

via The Cake Geek

By Cristiana Wilcoxon

Cristiana Wilcoxon is a college student in the OC area who is addicted to Trader Joe's. You can find her studying for midterms with a bag of their white cheddar popcorn in hand, daydreaming about her next meal.

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