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Reporter Claims That Microwaving Store-Bought Sushi Makes It Restaurant Quality

For sushi fanatics, a package of cold, pre-made nigiri or rolls from the grocery store can be a travesty to consume. The lifeless grains of rice are dense and somewhat chalky, and the fish loses flavor as it stiffens from its frigid surroundings. However, one reporter from SoraNews24 claims to have a solution to give the meal new life, and it involves microwaving store-bought sushi.

microwaving store-bought sushi

As unconventional and sacrilegious as it may seem to some to cook nigiri, a reporter known only as “Meg” claims that it can transform grocery-sourced rolls into a restaurant quality meal. The trick is to set your microwave down to 500 watts (the lowest power setting possible) and blast the sushi for 30 seconds for a two-person store-bought sushi dinner. Apparently, that’s enough for every component, from the rice to the toppings, to revert back to their original freshness.

Meg describes the rolls as “glistening and moist,” while the slightly warmed rice went from cold and hard to fluffy and tender. As for the fish, it too regained the vitality and flavor that refrigerated conditions had sapped out of it. Overall, Meg felt that the sushi’s taste and texture was “truly out of the supermarket and competing with the likes of good quality servings you’d find at any Japanese sushi train restaurant.”

The method may be completely unorthodox, but if it really can resurrect supermarket sushi, it’s definitely worth trying at least once.

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