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This Michelin Star Dim Sum Brunch Buffet Celebrates Chinese New Year In Style

The Cantonese words for “dim sum” literally translate to the phrase “to touch the heart.” That’s because the small bites and delicacies are supposed to bring a smile to your face and stomach as you dive into them. If you’re looking for an extravagant experience of these feel-good bites for Chinese New Year, you need to look no further than this Michelin star dim sum brunch buffet in Vegas.

Michelin Star dim sum brunch buffetPhoto courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

Conceived by chef Ming Yu at Wing Lei in the Wynn, this banquet of Chinese fare truly brings out all the bells and whistles. As the first Chinese restaurant to receive the coveted Michelin star in North America, you’d expect the meals here to be something truly special. What Chef Yu has designed, however, blows away all expectations.

It starts off with an elaborate table-side presentation featuring virtually every dim sum item out there. These include scallop dumplings, pan-seared radish cakes, puff pastries filled with Chinese BBQ pork, and a wide variety of other options.

From there, the various stations of available grub offer up a mix of Las Vegas flair and authentic Chinese fare. There’s your typical Sin City seafood presentation, with an abundance of crab, lobster, and oysters served on ice. There’s also sushi, prepared by the master chefs of nearby restaurants Wazuzu and Mizumi.

The authentic Chinese food stations are just as luxurious, with one offering up bowls of warm, hearty congee and plenty of slurp-worthy noodles. And at the atypical carving station, Peking duck is paired alongside the more common cuts of prime rib and herb-crusted rack of lamb.

Dessert brings this same blend of Vegas flash and Chinese flavor, with custard buns, lychee mochi, and plenty of other sweets adorning the buffet table.

The entire banquet is a masterful and decadent way to ring in the Year of the Dog. Those hoping to sample Chef Yu’s Michelin star dim sum brunch buffet will need to head there between February 15-21. A seat for this celebration costs $68.88, with a $10 discount available for kids under six.

By Constantine Spyrou

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