Michael Jordan’s 1992 ‘McJordan’ McDonald’s Sauce Hits Ebay for $10K


Michael Jordan’s legacy is a defining trademark of the 90s. Dubbed “His Airness,” Jordan dominated the courts  and lead the Chicago Bulls to two epic three-peats. Everything he endorsed was gold and everyone from Nike to Upper Deck scrambled to get a piece of his Midas Touch.

So it was unsurprising when Jordan and McDonald’s launched the McJordan Burger in 1992. The all-star sandwich consisted of a quarter-pound beef patty with onions, pickles, cheese and bacon and a special barbecue sauce made specifically for the McJordan. The burger was sold at limited franchises around the US for a limited time that year.

Nearly 20 years later, a posting on Ebay brought back the 90s in the form of a unopened, one gallon jug of special McJordan barbecue sauce. The going price? $9,995.

The seller, who also  has an array of other McDonald’s memorabilia for sale, reminds potential buyers that this is “a once in lifetime chance to own the rarest of rare Michael Jordan and McDonald’s collectible” and that it is possibly, the “last one left on Earth.”

You’d think the idea of spending nearly $10K on a jug on rancid sandwich spread was ludicrous, but the seller has already rejected 10 offers dating back from July.

By Charisma Madarang

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5 replies on “Michael Jordan’s 1992 ‘McJordan’ McDonald’s Sauce Hits Ebay for $10K”

Paying $10K for this crap IS ludicrous. That’s why people are making offers, which are no doubt much, much less than the outrageous price this guy is requesting. This is just a publicity stunt. The guy knows that no one will pay his price, and he’ll keep rejecting any reasonable offers, because having that listing on eBay brings him attention and helps him advertise the other items he has for sale.

Just becuase he is asking for that, doesn’t mean he has been offered anywhere NEAR that much. Ebay has all kinds of deals where you get free listings these days. So you don’t have to pay more to list something at an outrageous price. Then gullble blogs like this one report on it and give him free publicity so he can list it again at a more normal price and sell it

I think he could probably get more money if there was a way to analyze the sauce, determine the ingredients, and then have fresh batches that can actually be eaten. But, where there’s an oddity, there’s a collector of it.

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