Medicine Lollipop

The trouble with children’s medicine is that it’s boring and tastes terrible. And while there really isn’t anything that can be done for the taste that hasn’t already been done, you can jazz up how you treat your kid’s cough. By using a lollipop mold that can be found on Amazon, medicine can now be made into lollipops!

Now all you have to do is figure out a way to make sure they finish the whole thing!

Would definitely consult a physician, pharmacist, doctor or someone of knowledge before altering the state of your medicine though. Still a novel thought, but, be safe!

[via: SwissMiss]

By Peter Pham

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Except you should not be freezing medicine in the first place. You you ever read an medicine bottle? There is proper storage temps, no of which I am sure says “chuck it in the freezer”

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