Gordon Ramsay Swears At Kids [HUMOR]


As foul-mouth as chef Gordon Ramsay is, he’s been known to keep things PG when he’s around children. Chef Ramsay is known for hosting tons of reality food and cooking shows both in the UK as well as the US. One show in particular is Masterchef Junior.

Like it’s adult predecessor, Masterchef, Masterchef Junior pits a bunch of kids together in a cooking competition. Unlike Ramsay’s other shows, however, the world-famous chef refrains from yelling at a bunch of kids.

For obvious reasons.

HOWEVER, some fan of Masterchef Junior decided to take Ramsay’s greatest vulgar hits and dub it over scenes from the children’s cooking show. While this isn’t real, it’s probably one of the more excellent fan cuts we’ve seen.

Check out the hilarious NSFW results below.

By Peter Pham

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