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How McDonald’s New Value Menu Is Making You Spend MORE Money

When the Dollar Menu came back this year, fans of McDonald’s were happy to see a cheap value menu option return. The new $1/$2/$3 menu has a bunch of low-cost eats that mean our wallets get a break. Win-win for both, right? Maybe not so much, as customers are shelling out more than before according to the company’s financials.

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McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook just revealed in an earnings conference call that their new value menu made sales soar. Numbers jumped 5.5% worldwide, with a 2.9% increase in the US, where the Dollar Menu reboot launched in January. The big reason? Customers were spending more thanks to a set of eats marketed to save money.

Here’s how that bill of fare gets you: because the items are generally cheaper, chances are you’re gonna buy more. Easterbrook says that many of their new transactions were people making their own meals out of the $1/$2/$3 items, or adding them onto combos. Those add up to overall purchases that cost more, even though customers are buying based on a low price.

I’ve been a firsthand victim of that mentality. I just rolled up to a local McD’s last week, and made a custom dinner out of a Classic Chicken Sandwich ($3), Buttermilk Crispy Tenders ($2), and a drink ($1). After tax, my total was just 7 bucks, the same value (or slightly more, in some cases) than a standard combo meal. Just the sandwich alone could’ve filled me up for way less cash, but I figured I could spend more based on how inexpensive things looked. Man, did those dollars creep up fast.

Of course, I’m just part of one group of customers utilizing the new $1/$2/$3 menu in that fashion. There are “single-dollar consumers” out there, as Easterbrook calls them, that just get a single item on a tight budget. Overall, though, the general trend is that because stuff is discounted, people are willing to buy more of it. Even if that means they’re spending extra dough as a result.

This isn’t a hit on McDonald’s new option in any way, as it’s great to have the customization and ability to go really stingy if needed. However, it should be a wake-up-call to those thinking they’re being thrifty when that may not always be the case.

By Constantine Spyrou

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