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Are McDonald’s Employees Creating A Szechuan Sauce Black Market?

McDonald’s recently dropped their latest round of viral Rick & Morty Szechuan Sauce. They may already be facing an issue with the supply, however, as it’s possible some employees are keeping packets to themselves in attempts to re-sell, theoretically trying to create a Szechuan Sauce black market.

On eBay, as the above Twitter user pointed out, multiple people have begun selling whole cases of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for varying prices. Each of the postings shows 250 packets of the “Mulan McNuggets Sauce” in an officially labeled box. While it’s not confirmed whether any of the sellers are actual McDonald’s employees, it’s possible they could be utilizing the promotion to turn a quick profit.

In the official promotion, the sauce packets come free with any qualifying purchase. In the eBay postings, however, folks are looking to get as much as $4 for each sauce sachet, with one case going on sale for $1000.

The alarming number of whole cases popping up online does raise the possibility of a Szechuan sauce black market. However, many customers have been able to obtain tons of extra packets of sauce. While some were able to obtain a couple of packets upon purchase, people have asked for anywhere from thirty to sixty packets and gotten their requests granted. That shows that even if employees are selling the sauce by the caseload on eBay, it does seem that there’s plenty to go around this time.

By Constantine Spyrou

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