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Insane Woman Fights McDonald’s Staff Over A McChicken [WATCH]

Okay, we’ve seen some weird stuff go on with McChickens before, but this woman’s reaction to not getting one fast enough is beyond insane.

Des Moines resident Amanda Garland Gravely posted the above video to Facebook that shows her view of an out-of-control fight from the drive-thru window. Gravely explained that she was getting her kids ice cream and waiting in the drive-thru for her order when the woman in the above video began screaming at one of the cashiers because she didn’t get her McChicken sandwich in a timely manner.

“Give me my meal or give me my money. You can’t make my f***ing McChicken? Then give me my money!”

Things escalated faster than the fight scene in Anchorman from there, with a full-on brawl eventually breaking out between the cashier and the woman that’s more entertaining than a WWE match.

Following the posting of the video, RT reports that Des Moines police are looking for those involved in this incident to identify them. Anyone with information should contact the proper authorities to help resolve the ongoing investigation.

By Constantine Spyrou

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