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McDonald’s Puts a Price on ‘Lovin’ It’ – Asks for 25 Cents for Extra Ketchup Packets


Well, what did we expect from ketchup that calls itself “fancy?”

According to New York news site DNAinfo, several Mickey D’s franchises in Manhattan have been charging customers an extra fee for extra ketchup packets, because apparently the costs of giving them away for free have just gotten too damn high.

One McDonald’s manager in the East Village stated her location’s particular fee (a quarter per extra “handful”) was implemented after she noticed too many unopened ketchup packets just being thrown away. Several other franchisees also defended their own extra-ketchup charges as a necessary response to rising real estate prices and the “tough economy.”

Still, for 16 – 17% more than the 1.5 cents it costs to buy the things in the first place, excuse me if I’m feeling a little jipped. I mean, how else am I supposed to get my daily source of vitamins if I can’t douse my fries in free tomato puree?

What do you guys think of McDonald’s extra-ketchup free? A necessary evil, or stingy as f@#k?

H/T DNAInfo + PicThx Let’s Go Pens

By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

2 replies on “McDonald’s Puts a Price on ‘Lovin’ It’ – Asks for 25 Cents for Extra Ketchup Packets”

Stingy. I can understand making a profit, every business dreams of it. But some companies have the wrong answer for “how much is enough” and who’s shoulders they need to take it from. Lets face it, McDees is bottom of the food chain anyways, mostly poor, or those seeking a “cheap” meal go there. If you can afford more, you go to better places. But here is McDummys, extra quarter for the ketchup, Dollar menu hamburgers just went up .20 cents, no more Ice waters at the drive thru, and the list goes on. Personally, I refuse to do business with them any more. The last time I stopped by was for a large coffee, suppose to be that all drinks are a dollar. I was informed that coffee was no longer on that list. Me, I just drove away, smiling all the way to the bank. And they can say goodbye to my money as well !!!!!!

This trend is crap! Zaxbys here charges for extra sauce as well a practice I personally find offensive. There are times at places I ask for sauce (ketchup, etc.) & times I dont get any, Id say it evens itself out. Then you have retarded employees like the one I came across the other day who when I asked for mustard (for my corn dog) & salt dumped handfuls of mustard/ketchup/salt & pepper into my food bag – I still have a bunch of all of these in my glove box. Well what do you expect from an asshole whose shirt read “Are U Mad Bro?”! If I were his boss I would have had him go home & change or turn the shirt inside out – it made me mad for sure!

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