McDonald's New Real Fruit Smoothie

Straight up swagger jacked this coupon from my mom’s Sunday newspaper stash and decided to get my drink on… I actually asked her first, love you mom! <3 Check out some of the new smoothies and frappes that McDonald’s launched to help kill this west coast heat wave!

I decided to stay on the healthy tip and go with the new strawberry and banana smoothie. It was really good and tasted like real strawberries and bananas!

Elie locked it down with of one McDonald’s humongous iced coffees, something about having to study all night for a test on the male reproductive system got him hitting the books hard… Haha! Get it?

Twelve ounces of this smoothie is not enough, I finished the last remains as soon as I pulled into the driveway! Go big or go home, get the bigger one!

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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