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McDonald’s New Mascot is Creepier than a Clown in a Suit

Happy the Happy Meal

With a mascots like Ronald McDonald and the Grimace, it’s difficult to believe McDonald’s could come up with yet another terrifying figure to sell Happy Meals. I mean, how can anyone top a perpetually cheery clown and a purple monster? Kids, meet Happy. The new McDonald’s mascot is a dancing anthropomorphic Happy Meal box that looks like a love child of one of Despicable Me’s minions and said box.

Unveiled on Monday, Happy is the official Happy Meal ambassador of McDonald’s. Following the introduction of Happy is the new addition of the Yoplait strawberry-flavored Go-Gurt as a side option for Happy Meals. Starting July 4, kids can now choose between two of the three sides for their Happy Meals: small fries, apple slices and yogurt.

According to McDonald’s, Happy is there to encourage kids to enjoy more fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy as well as wholesome beverages like water or juice. Sounds like a pretty solid guy. Happy first made his debut in France back in 2009 and worked his way across Europe and Latin America before finally arriving in the US.

Whether Happy will stay in the mainstream or will soon retire to the island of forgotten mascots remains to be seen. Until then better eat your apples and yogurt and pass on those french fries, kids.

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