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McDonald’s Japan Offering Home Delivery for Missing French Fries


You know better, come on man. And yet, here you are, sitting in your car, fry-less, all because you forgot to check the stinkin’ bag. Sure you could buy more, but let’s face it, by the time you’re out of that hellish drive-thru, you know your burger will be dryer than your car’s countless ketchup stains. And you can’t even imagine eating your Big Mac without them.

Luckily for all our Japanese readers, you no longer have to.

Because their business acumen is clearly lightyears beyond ours (twerking pudding, hel-lo?), the Japanese branch of McDonald’s is now offering home delivery for missing order items. And the craziest part? They’ll do it for free.

According to Rocket News, McDonald’s Japan already offers home delivery for regular orders, you know, for anyone really raring to get that Super Size Me diet on the road. But if you were just in-store and noticed your pimply cashier forgot to give you your second order of fries or, even better, simply forgot to order them, all you need to do is call the location and they’ll have your precious golden crispies over in a jiff.

Receipts as proof of purchase are required, but if you did make the latter mistake, a McDonald’s employee will still drop by to deliver a free meal coupon for all the trouble. Heck, you might as well leave out half your order every time on purpose and stock up on free food.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News

By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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