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McDonald’s Japan Implements Actual Hourglass & Says 60 Seconds or Win Free Burger

Starting January 4th, McDonald’s Japan will kicking off their “Enjoy! 60 Second Service” campaign. Any customers who have to wait for more than a minute (60 seconds) for their order to be completed during the hours of 11 am to 2 pm, will receive a coupon for a free McDonald’s burger of their choice. Patrons visiting during the 3-hour period will be given a coupon for a free small coffee, regardless of whether they swoop in on a free burger or not. Oh boy!

McDonald’s Japan will even be implementing an hourglass at each of the 3,300 participating restaurants. The hourglass will visually measure each minute every time an order is place. I can’t even begin to imagine the torture those hapless McDonald’s employees will have to go through as they hustle to bring hungry customers their fries and burgers. There will no doubt be an inordinate amount of trolls greedily eyeing the sand cascade down, salivating for their free burger as they wait for someone to slip up.

The promotion will continue on until January 31st and will only be valid in participating McDonald’s restaurants in Japan. Sorry everybody else, you’ll just have to wait those 20 seconds longer.

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3 replies on “McDonald’s Japan Implements Actual Hourglass & Says 60 Seconds or Win Free Burger”

here in Orlando FL they have them same deal sometimes but in the drive thru, they give you one of the timer devices which you turn in at the second window when you get your food, then you free burger coupon when it is late (which is every time you go there)

What about the people who order like 10 burgers causing the normal orders to wait longer. There guaranteed to wait longer than that, and probably cause others to wait because they have to make all their food first.

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