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McDonald’s Japan Has a McChurro, Take Notes America


While the rest of us are ordering apple pies at the drive-thru, the lucky folks in Japan are now able to get churros at their local McDonald’s. That’s right, I’m talking about the McChurro. Concept notwithstanding, it boasts possibly the greatest name for a McDonald’s product yet.

Though visually similar to the churros we’re all used to, the McChurros are actually closer in texture to youtiao, a Chinese deep-fried breadstick. However, there’s still the option of having them covered in cinnamon sugar or dunked in maple syrup.

The McChurros will only be available for a limited time beginning May 7 through what looks like early June. Each McChurro is priced at 159 yen ($1.56 US) and will be available all day for purchase.

H/T Brand Eating

By Peter Pham

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