McDonald’s Is No Longer Welcome at a Growing Number of Hospitals


It might seem counterintuitive that a fast-food restaurant infamous for being unhealthy would be located inside a hospital in the first place. Because hospitals are, you know, where sick people go to get better, not to get sicker. Nevertheless, the McDonald’s at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City enjoyed two-years at the hospital before CEO John Bluford told the Salt (the name of NPR’s food blog, not a commentary on McDonald’s favorite ingredient) that the presence of McDonald’s was sending an “inconsistent message” and that it was being removed. Well…yeah.

However, it’s not entirely as simple as it seems — fast food chains within certain hospitals generate revenue for the establishments that can be put to good use, and there’s certainly an understandable demand for comfort food within these spaces (some of the chain fast-food restaurants were brought in as special treats for sick children.) Regardless, it seems that Truman Medical Center is part of a growing trend of hospitals who are deciding its not worth it—including Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville.

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By Cristiana Wilcoxon

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