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McDonald’s Employee Helps Lead Authorities To Cleveland Facebook Killer

After an exhausting search that encompassed six states before going nationwide, police were finally able to catch up with the “Cleveland Facebook killer,” Steve Stephens, thanks to a tip from a McDonald’s employee.

According to GoErie, a staffer working the drive-thru at the Harborcreek Township location of McDonald’s in Pennsylvania recognized Stephens when he ordered twenty McNuggets and french fries from his car. The employee quickly called the police upon that realization, according to Thomas DuCharme Jr., owner of that particular McDonald’s location.

In an attempt to delay Stephens, employees told him that his fries were just going to take a minute or so. The killer caught on to the ruse, however, and sped off without them.

Within a few minutes, police were on the scene and able to track down Stephens a few miles away from the McDonald’s. As they attempted to force his car to stop, Stephens shot himself in the head, choosing to die rather than face jail time.

Thanks to the unnamed McDonald’s server for reacting so quickly and professionally to the situation, getting police involved, and directly influencing the authorities catching up to this already notorious murderer.

By Constantine Spyrou

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