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The Internet REALLY Wants McDonald’s Employee Who ID’ed Facebook Killer To Get Reward

When the infamous “Cleveland Facebook Killer,” Steve Stephens, showed up at a McDonald’s in Harborcreek Township, Pennsylvania, one employee’s actions led to the murderer being found before killing himself in the middle of a police chase.

Now, as the investigation continues into everything that happened, it’s come up that there was a $50,000 reward for anyone who led police to the killer’s location or whereabouts. The internet has a pretty good idea of who they want that reward to go to: the unnamed McDonald’s employee.

The $50,000 reward is coming from the FBI, ATF, and U.S. Marshal Service, according to TMZ. They also spoke to law enforcement officials who said its clear that the actions of the employee and the franchise owner that stalled the Cleveland Facebook Killer made a huge difference in them being able to track down and apprehend the criminal.

Grubstreet reports that as of right now, it’s not totally clear as to whether the McDonald’s team qualifies for the reward due to them being employees, but based on what the employee and owner did, the answer is obvious enough. If not for their actions, Stephens could’ve gotten even further away and possibly disappeared off the grid.

Even if they don’t qualify for the reward, McDonald’s should do the right thing and reward the Harborcreek Township location for their valiant service. One Twitter suggestion on how they could reward the franchise is spot-on:

I couldn’t agree more.

By Constantine Spyrou

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