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McDonald’s Officially Kills the Dollar Menu


My fellow Americans, I’m sad to say that the Dollar Menu will be replaced with the “Dollar Menu and More” menu. After months of testing, McDonald’s officially bid farewell and gave the “Dollar and More Menu” the green light on Thursday. The revamped value menu features items ranging from $1 to $5, including from $2 burgers to $5 20-piece McNuggets. The change falls in line with McDonald’s master plan to increase sales by playing up both their Dollar Menu, and their health options.

Although it doesn’t take effect until November 4th, I already miss how it use to be. Dollar Menu, you will be dearly missed.

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By Thiong'o K. Ngugi

Thiong'o is a writer based in Irvine California. He is also a performer at ImprovCity.

30 replies on “McDonald’s Officially Kills the Dollar Menu”

I still say this makes no sense at all. A dollar menu is supposed to be just that – a DOLLAR menu, where everything is a buck. If you’re going to throw in other items ranging from $1 to $5, then why bother with a “dollar menu and more” menu at all? Just toss the $1 items with the rest of the items and be done with it.

By naming it a dollar menu, it’ll attract people to look there first before the other items on the menu. It’s also the menu that has the highest profit and the lowest cost.

Well, yes, a dollar menu will generally be the lowest cost and probably the highest profit. You’re right, though… it may not make sense, but by keeping it named “dollar menu”, that’s what people are going to go for. Fast and cheap, that’s what America’s all about, LOL

Healthcare costs have been rising for years! If you haven’t noticed you must either be living with Mommy or going to the Emergency Room for everything because you have no insurance.

Hey RETARD – yes I realize theyve been going up as I HAVE been paying for it. Problem is they HAVE NEVER gone up upwards of 100% or more at one time! Quit defending YOUR presidents bad policy!

How long did you think a dollar was going to buy you a double cheesburger anyway? I’m surprised its lasted this long… And way to go people that make this about Obama/Obamacare. Meet me over at comments section at I’m sure you’ll blame that on him too. lol

I feel as if other fast food chains that offer dollar/value menus will now try and put their own dollar menu in the spotlight to attract customers that ate only from the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

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