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McDonald’s Does V-Day Early with Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Frap


Listen up fellas, McDonald’s wants to be your one stop shop for spectacularly budget-friendly Valentine’s Day woo-ing. I mean, Adventure Time toys and drinks that taste just like synthetic chocolate-covered strawberries? SUH-WOON.

For a limited time, you can swoop up your own “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”-flavored frappe at all participating McDonald’s locations (which, based on the three local spots we called, seems to be most of them). The drink is a chocolate chip-blended mocha base topped with whipped cream and strawberry syrup, that tastes just reminiscent enough to make you wish you’d gotten an actual chocolate-covered strawberry.




Our local store had them for $2.79, $3.29, and $3.79 for the small, medium, and large.

By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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