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McDonald’s Has a Brand New Big Mac With BACON

Let’s gather our facts. We know that McDonald’s has some big reveal for the United States next week. We’ve taken some guesses as to what that product could be.

When we found out about this new item from McDonald’s Canada, however, it gave us a strong hint as to what the reveal could be. It wasn’t anything that we had guessed on our previous list, that’s for sure.

Two days ago, McDonald’s launched a Big Mac Bacon in Canada, complete with a video marketing campaign as to whether this new creation could actually be considered a “Big Mac” (60% of Canadians think it is, according to Brand Eating).


Photo: Brand Eating

McDonald’s has put bacon in many different kinds of burgers before, but never have we seen a Bacon Big Mac in the United States. It’s definitely a possibility, as bacon is already in McDonald’s supply chain, and bacon is one of America’s most beloved foods. Everything is better with bacon, and that definitely would apply to McDonald’s iconic sandwich.

The fact that it’s available only in Canada does make us a little skeptical though, since international products typically haven’t crossed borders into the United States before.

This Big Mac Bacon, however, could be an exception to that rule with how popular it would be in the United States. I guess we’ll just have to see if it is McDonald’s big reveal or not.

We’ll be watching carefully on January 26th, and definitely will have our fingers crossed that this bad boy is coming over from Canada.

By Constantine Spyrou

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