McDonald’s Ads Of Unity Are A Welcome Change In Our Violent World

As I’m sure you know, there has been a plethora of horrible stories coming from news channels lately, from the murder of both innocent civilians and cops, to the truck incident in Nice, France, then all the way to Turkey for the military coup.

All in all, Mother Earth friggin’ sucks right now, and we are all part of the problem, if not the problem itself.

During the recently ended UEFA Euro Cup 2016, McDonald’s began putting up ads all around emphasizing the need to start working together and stop fighting.

The UEFA Euro 2016 brought a lot of controversy with it, as many fanbases of teams would begin fighting outside of the stadiums, leading to an unreasonable number of people ending up severely injured and in the hospital.

The ads, although released specifically for the soccer games, apply to everyone now more than ever. The message is still above all else, to “come as you are.” Check out the pictures below to see all the variations.

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Photo Credit: McDonald’s

By Sean Fahmy

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