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The ”McD Ultra’ Is An EPIC Custom McDonald’s Burger You Can Make For Under $4

McDonald’s isn’t usually the place you think of for an epic stacked burger. But one person has created something called the “McD Ultra” that packs in a ton of beef at a really good price. This half-pound McDonald’s burger can go for as low as $3.75 if you play it right.

Behold, the McD Ultra in its beefy size:

mcd ultraPhoto courtesy of user stateofstatic on Reddit

Reddit user stateofstatic, the inventor of this massive burger, claims in a thread that they were able to get it for just $3.75. The key is to leverage McDonald’s current dollar sandwich deal, which has been running for a couple of months now and let’s you get any burger for $1 every single day.

Stateofstatic’s order starts with a Quarter Pounder Deluxe, and has the following modifications:

  • extra 1/4lb patty
  • extra onions, lettuce, tomato
  • add a slice of bacon
  • no mayo, no ketchup
  • add Mac Sauce

Photo courtesy of user stateofstatic on Reddit

The burger has been a hit for both stateofstatic and the workers at the location they typically go to, as the staff are now regularly building it for their lunch breaks as well. Stateofstatic can even ask for the “McD Ultra” at that specific location and get it made to order now, which, in their words, is “pretty awesome.”

If you’re interested in getting it yourself, make sure to order the burger in the drive-thru or at the register. That’s the only way you can get the custom addition of Mac Sauce. In addition, you need the McDonald’s app to get the $1 Sandwich code, which the cashier can scan to redeem.

While the actual dollar sandwich deal ends on September 30, there will be plenty more discounted deals coming through the app from McDonald’s, so it’s definitely possible to get the same price point on the McD Ultra in other ways. You’ll just have to keep your eye on the app and take advantage of those deals when they come to get your $3.75 half-pound burger.

By Constantine Spyrou

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