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McDonald’s Dropping Soda Prices To $1 And McCafes To $2


It’s been a pretty couple of weeks for McDonald’s. The fast food chain released an entire line of Shamrock Shake beverages for patrons to tickle their sweet tooth with and, last week, announced a specially engineered straw for an improved way to drink milkshakes more efficiently. Now, drinks are going to get much cheaper at the fast food chain.

Bloomberg reports that an industry-wide slump has caused McDonald’s Corp. to dial back the prices of their beverages – for a limited time at least.

McDonald’s will soon offer $1 any-size sodas and $2 small specialty McCafe drinks that include smoothies and frappes. Typically, items like the small frappe can sell for $2.69 to $3.09.

Hey, every bit of savings counts.

McDonald’s upcoming promotion is intended to help deal with the loss in food costs after cheaper grocery prices kept a lot of Americans eating meals at home.

The beverage promotion is set to begin in April.

By Peter Pham

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