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The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Is Getting Slightly Beefier


Other than closing stores, McDonald’s has been making subtle changes to the way they operate as part of the company’s new turnaround plan. So far this includes removing items from the drive-thru to speed things along, toasting their buns for a few seconds longer and now they’re upgrading the Quarter Pounder.

McDonald’s will be serving a slightly larger beef patty for the Quarter Pounder burgers, CNBC reports citing an internal document from the company.

The new burger will weigh 4.5 ounces before cooking. Currently an uncooked Quarter Pounder patty sits at 4 ounces before going on the grill. Then, it cooks down to 2.8 ounces.

With the bigger patty, we’re not yet sure if the fast food chain will stick to the iconic Quarter Pounder name or come up with a newer variant for the burger.

Note: Cover image isn’t an actual representation of the upcoming Quarter Pounder. 

By Peter Pham

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