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McDonald’s Has A Hash Brown Burger And Waffle Fries In Canada


Now that the breakfast menu is served all day at McDonald’s, more and more customers are stuffing hash browns into their lunch/dinner menu items. McDonald’s Canada is saving patrons that extra step of ordering separate items by adding a burger that’s already stuffed with a hash brown, reports Brand Eating.

The new Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger, exclusive to Canadian locations of Mcdonald’s, features a beef patty, cheese sauce, processed cheddar cheese slice, bacon pieces, and a hash brown-like patty known as a potato rosti.

As part of the fast food chain’s regional holiday menu, the burger is also accompanied by waffle-cut fries and a Turtles Sundae with pecan chunks .

The new holiday items will only be available for a limited time.

Photo: McDonald’s Canada

By Peter Pham

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