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McDonald’s Now Has A Nutella Burger, Here’s What It Looks Like

McDonald’s locations in Europe have always placed a stronger focus on pastries than the ones in the United States. Two of the fast food chain’s spots in France and Italy feature their very own bakery section filled with an impressive array of cookies, macarons, pastries, and donuts.

The latest pastry item from the Golden Arches comes by way of Italy in the form of a Nutella Burger, USA Today reports

While the Nutella Burger doesn’t actually feature any burger meat, McDonald’s Italy describes it as “soft bread with a creamy, indulgent center.” Clearly this is an item that would garner some buzz, as shown by the post receiving more than 90,000 shares and 75,000 reactions from Facebook fans. 

Because fast food stock photos versus the real thing are almost never one in the same, we decided to see what the burger actually looked like for ourselves. 

Here are some of the best pics we could find of McDonald’s new Nutella Burger, in real life. We think it’s safe to say it looks pretty damn delicious. 


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