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McDonald’s Worker Caught Helping Disabled Customer Eat His Meal


It’s great to see there’s still some compassionate people out there. Last week, Destiny Carreno posted a photo on her Facebook page showing a McDonald’s worker helping a disabled man eat his meal.

According to Carreno’s post, she had stopped by McDonald’s after work to get some food. There, an elderly handicapped man who looked to be quadriplegic wheeled himself to the cashier. The man was trying to ask the cashier for help, cutting and eating his meal.

Carrion said this took place during one of the busier hours at the Chicago McDonald’s. The employee closed his register and disappeared.

He quickly returned with washed hands, clean gloves and helped the man back to his table. There, Kenny the cashier helped the elderly gentleman cut and eat his meal.

Pretty great attitude on the worker’s part. We need more people like him.

Photo: Destiny Carreno Facebook

By Peter Pham

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