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McDonald’s Serves New Luxury Burgers With Thickest Patties Ever


Things are looking up for McDonald’s. After a rough couple of years, the company finally began to see a rise in sales. A huge chunk of that success goes towards the new all-day breakfast the company is finally offering. Now, they want to add a new line of luxury burgers to stores in the UK.

The Guardian reports that McDonald’s new Signature Collection features three beefed-up burgers: The Classic, The Spicy and The BBQ. Each burger will feature high-quality British and Irish beef in thicker patties. Reportedly the thickest ever served at McDonald’s. The burgers will also boast premium ingredients and sauces, in the same vein as Shake Shack or Five Guys, and are served on a brioche bun.

Development of the burgers was attributed to consumer feedback. The company worked with its internal chef council. Some of whom have also worked in Michelin-starred restaurants.

If successful, McDonald’s Signature Collection could easily make it to menus in the United States. Though the company will probably let franchisees get settled with the all-day breakfast changes first.

Photo: McDonald’s

By Peter Pham

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