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McDonald’s Employee Gets Jumped For Broken Ice Cream Machine

McDonald’s ice cream machines always seem to be “broken,” and while it draws the ire of those with a sweet tooth, you wouldn’t expect anyone to get violent over it.

According to Click Orlando News, a confrontation occurred at a Volusia County, Florida McDonald’s as a group of three customers attacked an employee over a broken ice cream machine.

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According to reports, three female customers at the drive-thru were told by an employee that the machine was out of service. Moments later, they saw a customer inside the McDonald’s eating an ice cream. The young ladies went inside the restaurant, thinking they were getting played, and started an argument.

At least one of the women went behind the counter, and started swinging and pulling the employees hair.

One of the store managers called 911 after the incident, and the call can be heard below:

The women took off in a red sedan, and as soon as McDonald’s gives authorities surveillance footage, they can start looking for the three angry customers.

By Isai Rocha

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