McDonald’s Drive-Thrus Are No Place for Car-Less Diabetics


A man was turned away from a McDonald’s drive-thru because he was on foot. Matt Brown, a 38-year-old teacher suffering diabetes, was walking home from his mother’s home early Christmas Eve when his blood sugar reportedly dropped.

He was nearing a hypoglycemic attack.

Those with diabetes normally carry something in case their blood sugar drops. Brown, who usually has energy drink Lucozade on him, said he had run out.

Brown decided to walk toward the McDonald’s to find something to get his blood sugar level up.

Judging from the time the incident occurred, it looks like the main restaurant wasn’t open to the public at the time. Since Brown couldn’t walk inside, this only left the drive-thru open.

Allegedly, the staff refused to serve him a burger or even call a taxi. The manager working at the time responded to Brown’s request with, “That’s not my problem.”

Brown said he was slumped outside the McDonald’s for more than an hour.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s responded: “For safety, we cannot serve people on foot in our drive-thru.”

While it was policy, there could have been better ways for both parties to handle the situation. Who do you think was in the right? Sound off in the comments.

h/t The Mirror

By Peter Pham

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