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Here’s Why McDonald’s Pulled This Controversial ‘DAD’ Ad

A recent ad for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich was the center of much criticism and complaint, reports Design Taxi. The commercial features a young boy who recently lost his father through some undisclosed circumstance.

As the boy learns more and more about his late father from his mother, viewers can clearly see they are nothing alike. However, the video ends with the mother and son sitting down at a McDonald’s where she tells him the Filet-O-Fish he ordered was his father’s favorite, instilling a sense of solace in the child.

The advertisement upset many that had lost their parents, those of whom took to Twitter to share their disappointment:


In response to the outrage, McDonald’s has pulled the ad and apologized for it in a public statement. The fast food chain said they were simply trying to depict real, everyday people, living in good situations or bad.

By Peter Pham

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