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McDonald’s Creates Disaster By Letting The Internet Design Burgers


While McDonald’s had already introduced “Create Your Taste” in the US, the build-your-own-burger campaign is still fairly new in other parts of the world. NeoGAF discovered that New Zealand let customers design their own burgers directly on the website.

A cool creative experience for curious McDonald’s customers…and troll candy for the rest of the Internet. .

Dorkly compiled some of the best submissions and the results were hilarious. Users had a field day creating burgers through the fast food chain’s platforms.

Here are some brilliant examples:




Clearly McDonald’s New Zealand wasn’t too happy with this and took the burger feed down.

However, Dorkly managed to save some screenshots of some of the more creative inventions.

If you could create a burger from McDonald’s ingredients, what would you call it and what would be in it? You can check out the entire McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” list on Dorkly. Y’know, for inspiration.

Images: McDonald’s,  NeoGAF, H/T: Dorkly

By Peter Pham

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