Say Goodbye to These McDonald’s Menu Items in 2015


Last week, we reported that McDonald’s would be axing eight items from their menu beginning early 2015. It looks like the fast food company has officially begun testing lighter menus, reports USA Today.

Noteworthy items on the chopping block are the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Premium Chicken Sandwich and the Snack Wraps. At least all the extra variations of them.

While the brand isn’t completely cutting the three options from their menu, they are drastically decreasing the options for the Quarter Pounder from four (Bacon Habanero Ranch, Bacon & Cheese, Deluxe) to one. The Premium Chicken Sandwich (Ranch, BLT, Club) and Snack Wraps (Premium, Mac Wraps, Regular) will also be reduced from a choice of three to one.

Current test locations include select McDonald’s in Delaware, Texas, California, Georgia and Tennessee.

The McDonald’s menu has been known to be overly complicated. This has caused profits to decline, especially in the month of November. It’s also become difficult for those working in the kitchen to keep up with so many different items, while maintaining expected service times.

McDonald’s is heavily monitoring these new lighter menus, as well as essential ingredients, to see what else needs to go.

Fans of the Quarter Pounder, Premium Chicken Sandwich and Snack Wrap variants may want to stock up on them quickly. They might be gone for good.

h/t USA Today

By Peter Pham

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