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McDonald’s Testing A Fried Chicken Version Of The McGriddle


It’s been a while since McDonald’s added a new breakfast sandwich. We still remember the southern chicken biscuit fondly. According to Columbus Business First, select McDonald’s in Central Ohio are testing a new McGriddle made with crispy chicken patties.

The Chicken McGriddle can be found at 11 McDonald’s locations in the state. Made with the fast food chain’s pancake buns filled with syrup and a fried chicken patty the new McGriddle is probably the closest one can get to fried chicken and waffles sandwich from a major fast food chain.

McDonald’s recently made breakfast available all day, albeit with a smaller selection. One of the fan-favorite items missing was the McGriddle. A few weeks ago, however, we reported that the company was trying out McGriddles as an all-day option.

In a perfect world, the Chicken McGriddles will make a national release and eventually grace all-day menus.

In a perfect world.

Photo: McDonald’s

By Peter Pham

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