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McDonald’s Is Selling Deep-Fried Cheese Curds In Wisconsin

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McDonald’s is testing a brand new menu item that cheese lovers are gonna want a piece of. The fast food chain has just begun selling battered, deep-fried cheese curds in Wisconsin, reports Brand Eating.

The solidified pieces of curdled milk are a huge element of Wisconsin cheese culture. As of Nov. 28, McDonald’s will make the fried curds available throughout the state. Initially, the test began in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin only.

Unfortunately, with all the cheese curds available in the state, McDonald’s will only keep the item around for a limited time. Hopefully if tests do well, we can hope to see these deep-fried beauties make a national expansion.

Until then, we’ll be living vicariously thorough our Wisconsin brothers and sisters.

You can find an exclusive image of the product courtesy of Scripps Media.

By Peter Pham

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