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For The First Time In 40 Years, McDonald’s To Close More Stores Than It’s Opening


McDonald’s has been trying to figure itself for a while now. Between cutting items, trimming down drive-thru and simplifying ingredients, the changes imposed by CEO Steve Easterbrook and McDonald’s Corp. has been admirable for the fast food chain. We have to hand it to them for trying.

However, Easterbrook has announced that McDonald’s will plan on closing almost 700 of its stores.

This marks a historic hit for McDonald’s who hasn’t closed more stores than it’s opening since 1970. Since Securities and Exchange Commission numbers weren’t recorded before 1970, there’s no way to know the actual numbers before that year.

While 700 stores may seem like a big number, compared to McDonalds’ existing stores, it’s not that big of a drop.

Closing the McDonald’s units are said to be part of a strategic review that will help establish future growth in the company, a spokesperson told AP.


By Peter Pham

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