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Bacon-Infused Bacon Is A ‘Bacon-Ception’ We All Deserve


After KFB and Rainbow Bacon I know you may feel like you have plateaued on bacon, but have you? Well, McCormick Grill Mates is putting out a new line of marinated bacons. While most bacon is smoked, and some are then flavored, this is the first time for off-the-supermarket-shelf bacon to be marinated.

In a bacon version of the film “Inception,” their signature flavor, aptly titled Ultimate Bacon, is infused with that smoky bacon flavor because our bacon “dreams feel real while we’re in them.” To round out the offering they are releasing three other flavors: Montreal Steak, Smoky Applewood and Brown Sugar Bourbon.

It’s hard to see why I haven’t been eating this forever already, it’s marinated in its own condensed flavors, smoked with natural hardwood, cut thick and then flavored with seasoning. All the hard work is done, so now I just need to watch so that I don’t burn it in the kitchen.