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Marvel’s Official Wakanda Cookbook Will Have You Feasting Like the Black Panther

Marvel now makes it possible for fans to feast like the Black Panther himself with The Official Wakanda Cookbook. This cookbook gives a taste of what African continent has to offer.

Based off of the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by King T’Challa the Black Panther, the cookbook shares 70 recipes from all across Africa. Such recipes by Nyanyika Banda include Roasted Lake Trout, Village-Style Curried Chicken, Savory Plantain Custard, Glazed Roadrunner Wings, and Vegetable Samosas.

Fans can dig into these delicious recipes here and purchase the cookbook for $29.99.

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.