Why NFL Player Marshawn Lynch Gave This McDonald’s Worker $500 Cash


When the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch isn’t going ‘Beast Mode’ on the field, he’s going Beast Mode by inspiring others.

Lynch went to a Dallas McDonald’s after beating the Cowboys November 1 and handed $500 in cash to to a kid mopping the floors, according to TMZ.

The 17-year-old worker was an aspiring fashion designer and admired Lynch’s navy blue Buscemi shoes. The worker, Terrence Downs, told Lynch that he hoped to one day buy those shoes, according to TMZ.

Downs said they mixed it up for a bit, told Lynch about his fashion dreams and how he hoped to one day open a boutique.

Lynch was obviously feeling generous as he busted out his wallet, pulled out five crisp $100 bills and told Downs to buy his own pair of Buscemi shoes. According to Downs, Marshawn then told him, “My job is to continue to see you grow.”

Surely the whole experience was surreal to Downs as he said he felt more motivated be successful.

This might be the first and only time that the words “McDonald’s” and “Inspiration” will be featured in the same story.

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By Isai Rocha

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