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Getting This Mars Wrigley Candy Internship Is Like Winning Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket In Real Life

Charlie Bucket, the titular character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is the kid we all wanted to be growing up. Getting to tour a magical candy wonderland and then own it for ourselves? That’s childhood dream goals right there. For those who’ve always desired the Willie Wonka experience, there’s now a chance to get your own “Golden Ticket,” no chocolate bar lottery required.

Mars internship

Photo courtesy of Mars Wrigley

The real-life equivalent of Wonka’s Golden Ticket is a special Mars internship where you go behind the scenes of the colossal candy company. The perks of being Mars’ new “Confectionery Connoisseur Intern” are numerous, and all of them will satisfy your inner sweet tooth’s wildest desires.

In the intern role, you’ll sample chocolates and confectioneries the world doesn’t even know about yet, tour several of the candy giant’s factories, and even develop your own chewing gum flavor. Oh, and the internship is fully paid, with a signing bonus of a year’s supply of candy. Talk about a dream gig.

The best part of the job, though, may be the rewards you get outside of the seemingly never ending flow of sweets. Between the tours, tastings, and interviews available, you’ll amass a ton of info on how to run a massive candy empire. Maybe one day, you can take that experience and become the world’s next Willy Wonka, who knows? (Purple suit optional, of course.)

Mars’s internship will be based at their Global Innovation Center in Chicago, but you’d be traveling for a good chunk of the 8-12 week period. To apply, use the following link and search for “Confectionary Connoisseur” to find the application.

By Constantine Spyrou

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