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Watch A Single Carolina Reaper Destroy This Man Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before

We’ve heard and seen many horror stories that came from someone eating some variation of the Carolina Reaper. Whether is braving a single chip dusted with the reaper, or eaten as a whole, the devastating chili pepper takes no prisoners.

A video posted by CURBLIFE showed a man popping a Carolina Reaper into his mouth, reports BroBible. During the first few seconds, he seems to handle the heat from the pepper pretty well.

Unfortunately, after the first 30 seconds, he hops out of the car and flails his body about like a man possessed by Beelzebub himself. Kids, a Carolina Reaper is no joke. DO NOT try one at home unless you’re ready to pay for it.

Check out the video to see if this dude is truly suffering or if he’s merely hamming it up for the camera. Our gut says this might be the real deal. Wonder how he would handle a Dragon’s Breath Chili?

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By Peter Pham

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