Man Drops 14 Pounds by Only Drinking Beer and Eating Sausages


Inspired by Oktoberfest’s boozy shindigs, Arizona resident Evo Terra managed to shed 14 pounds last year by living off a diet of beer and sausages. Terra began the dream peculiar diet three years ago, which consists of two sausages and up to six beers a day — about 15,000 calories per week.

“Most of it was body fat,” says Terry Simpson, Terra’s doctor. “His cholesterol went down by a third.” Simpson monitors Terra’s health and assures non-believers that if the diet ever proved harmful, it would be “shut down.”

Of course, this isn’t magic. It’s just simple numbers. As Terra points out, if his body burns 2100 calories on a daily basis and he only consumes 1500 calories that day, he’ll be burning more calories than he consumes — regardless of the source of those calories.

Of course, “variety” is key here and Terra chows down on everything from breakfast sausages to polish dogs and sips on fruit beers in the morning, kicking back with an imperial stouts around dinner time. The one con to this Oktoberfest regimen is that Terra isn’t fit to drive due to his diet’s food-to-booze ratio. Luckily, his son has volunteered to be the designated driver for the month of October.

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By Charisma Madarang

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The beer is clearly sustaining him because eating only two sausages a day, his body is essentially starving. He’s also missing out on a lot of vitamins and minerals and, by eating all of that processed meat, it’s not even ‘true’ healthful protein. You can squeeze a good amount of nutrients into 1500 calories per day, so this just sounds to me like someone who wants to lose weight, but doesn’t want to give up the alcohol in order to do it. He’d rather drink and starve than eat healthfully.

At least you’re taking supplements. And as long as this isn’t a long term thing. Nutritionally, it’s not sustainable for a lifetime.

I completely agree with watching calories and portion sizes, but there’s no way I could go a whole day eating only 2 pieces of meat. Not that I don’t love meat, but let’s be realistic, there are healthier choices out there. As long as it works for you, however, that’s what matters in the end. Just don’t let yourself get malnourished.

And again, the entire month is doctor supervised. Malnourishment isn’t an issue. Also, I’m not trying to make a “healthy choice”. I specifically chose two things labeled as “bad for you” and am gathering data to support that, in reality and in the proper quantity, they aren’t all that bad for you.

There are definitely worse things, I’ll give ya that.

I remember when that fool did the “Supersize Me” thing to ‘prove’ McDonald’s is bad for you. Well no shit, Sherlock, if you eat it day in and day out and gorge yourself to the point of being sick, of course you’re going to gain weight and wreak havoc on your body. All he proved was what an idiot he is.

I could eat at McDonald’s every day and still lose weight. I could also turn vegetarian and GAIN weight.

Actually, I think his name was “Spurlock”, not Sherlock… but I whole heartedly agree with your point 😛

LMAO! I know that. I was using the figure of speech “no shit, Sherlock” that many people use when it’s a “duh” situation.

Too funny, it didn’t even occur to me that it was so close to the guy’s last name, LOL

I’ve gotten my best bloodwork on a diet of 99% hamburger with a few onions and garlic. Triglycerides so low they were below the threshold of being measured. I prefer grass-fed beef, but can’t always afford it.

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