Man Charged with Assaulting Step Daughter with Fries to the Face

Apparently anything can be considered a deadly weapon these days, including a batch of McDonald’s French Fries. A man in Massachusetts was recently arrested and charged with assault for throwing a batch of fries in his stepdaughter’s face when she tried to stop an argument between him and her mother.

The report from the Lowell Police Department stated that James Hackett, 26, was arguing with his wife over money as they, along with his 11-year-old stepdaughter, were in the drive thru of a McDonald’s receiving their order. As the young girl tried to mediate the argument between her parents, the stepfather allegedly chucked a batch of fries from their order at the child’s face and chest area. While the girl did not sustain injuries, the fries had been freshly made and the salt and oil could have caused her burns (insert eye rolling emoticon).

Hackett was later arrested and appeared in court with a plea of “not guilty.” He has been ordered to keep his distance from his stepdaughter until his next court appearance on August 10th. Maybe by then this guy will have seen someone about his anger problems.

As for the for the little girl, hopefully she spends the next few years of her life with as little fries thrown at her as possible. Because I can almost guarantee that untainted fry face won’t last for long — high school can be a cruel, cruel place.

via: Gawker

By Peter Pham

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