Make Your Own (Creepy) Food Puppet Show

Toronto-based campaign My Food My Way says it’s goal is to “change the culture of food in our schools, homes, and communities.” This is a lie. It actually just wants to scare you out of eating fast food ever again, using your voice and puppets shaped like hamburgers having seizures. It’s called a Foodagram, and it’s a little late for Halloween.

Are you more disturbed by Papa Roni’s pedo mustache? Or the fact that Pattie looks like she’s being gagged? Doesn’t matter! If you want to make a horror film rivaling the thirtieth installation of Paranormal Activity, simply choose a terrifying puppet, add your voice, and watch as a disembodied hand trembles violently in a sick mockery of actual puppetry. Because when are puppets not scary? Labyrinth, anyone?

source/photo courtesy Laughing Squid

By Aziza Sullivan

Aziza Sullivan has always enjoyed three things in excess: food, writing, and sleeping. While the first two are happily combined, the third tends to get in the way, since it turns out the average reader is uninterested in sleep blogs. She also enjoys coffee, probably too much, if there is such a thing.

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